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Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep

Rachel Turner 43 Views

Currently there are no baby sleep consultants in the Grand Rapids area and there is a need! Yes there may be baby sleep consultants throughout the US but I think a local relationship is important. Grand Rapids offers various natural and healthy living lifestyles in our community, but a baby sleep consultant doesn’t exist!  After talking with parents, doctors, doulas, yoga teachers, daycare providers and other health related professionals sleep is not easy for every child and their parent! My goal is to work thru and teach the parents how to establish a healthy routine and sleep schedule. Children thrive on routine and with a steady schedule they are able to learn with a better mindset and more energy. My plan involves children sleeping in their OWN bed, EVERY night, for 10-12 HOURS straight! Sounds great doesn’t it!! and YES it can be done!


Any parent who has not had a full night sleep since their child has been born! I hate the saying you wont be able to sleep just because you had children ! This isnt true! With the training and plans set in place, children can learn and maintain great sleeping habits! With a solid, uninterrupted nights sleep the children and family will all benefit!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 would go towards a certified baby sleep consultant program I want to enroll in. This training is the best within the country and only offered a few times a year. The next class is in August so winning in May would be perfect timing ! The certification is taught in Florida and also helps you begin your own business plan, website, client material and training.

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About Rachel Turner

I've worked as a buyer for the last 10 years at Meijer. Although I have loved my past work experience, I want something more since I've had 2 daughters, a 3 year old and 8 week old. Life has changed. I would love to start a business where I have the flexibility to set my own schedule to spend more time with my children plus help other families. I believe sleep is so important in life, especially for the little ones and want to help others develop that same mentality in their house.

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