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Smart Farming Organics

Smart Farming Organics

Kadhama Elvis 99 Views

Smart farming organics promotes the idea of a sustainable local food production through the cost-effective and environmentally friendly Farming system. More than 500 local farming families have already received access to the system, and offers a platform that enhances farmers’ market access hence boosting local income generation. through my idea i mobilize smallholder farmers and carryout practical training in organics farming, use of recycled plastic bags as farming materials, manufacturing of homemade organic fertilizers and pesticides. there some road blocks to the project such as limited funds to carryout training activities, transport to the filed, limited raw materials used for training. i am trying to get a round them through involving many stakeholders such as local authorities, elders and people affected in the community to mobilize resources needed for the project to be implemented.


smart farming organics benefits indigenous people i.e. women, men and young people. they benefit through Increasing organic vegetable growing,Increased livelihood for youth and women farmers and market vendors,The project will help rural farmers to escape hunger and poverty hence leading to economic growth.

The initiative’s potential is in delivering agricultural training and organic products to local communities at a reasonable price, while at the same time protecting the environment.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This grant will be used to purchase raw materials used in carrying out training e.g.
1. improved seeds- $1,000
2. waste foods for making organic fertilizer - $500
3. recycled plastic bags for farming- $1,000
4. training equipment e.g. flip charts, note books, markers and pens -$ 1,000
5. training of existing staff to be able to perform and deliver quality work- $500
6. establishment of a demonstration site - $ 1,000

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About Kadhama Elvis

I am Kadhama Elvis a 25-year-old Ugandan entrepreneur passionate about helping rural households to develop the skills to grow out of poverty. My personal experiences, growing up in the rural community of Mayuge district, taught me the impact that improved agricultural skills can have. To achieve this goal, I founded “Pearl Entrepreneur’s Academy,” a youth-led organization that trains sustainable and practical agricultural skills to smallholder farmers in order to get out of poverty and hunger.

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