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Smart Staffing

Smart Staffing

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I have worked both as a caregiver and part of the office staff at an adult in-home healthcare company for the past five years. Smart Staffing allows me to help adult in-home healthcare agencies to give clients the best possible experience in one of the last intimate relationship of their lives.

Our competition will mainly come from the all in one enterprise softwares for private duty home care companies. These include Clearcare, Continulink, Axiscare, and IGEA Home Health Care.  There are also, field management systems like Fieldaware, and Euclides Technologies. Although these field management systems offer great products, they have not yet been applied to the home health care industry, nor have they begun to take personality into account. Additionally, these management systems are intended to be used by staffing coordinators and have not yet taken steps to automate the process.

Road blocks: HIPAA Compliance, but we just received funding for a compliance toolkit.


Smart Staffing is a tool that makes staffing simple. It is a map based program that gives staffing recommendations based on client needs, caregiver background, location, and personality. Our software can reduce the number of staffing coordinators needed in an office by 25-50% which can save owners $45,000-$90,000 a year while maximizing revenue, minimizing scheduling errors, and improving caregiver retention and customer satisfaction.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go straight to development. It will be used to hire a freelance front-end developer to help further the usability of our web app.  We currently have an initial alpha version of our product, but the $5,000 will allow us to get into the beta stage where we can implement the matching into our software.

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