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Ever share your opinion on a site that uses the 5-star system and requires a lengthy written review? Nope? Neither have we! That’s why we created SmashHound…the only app where you take a selfie to review a business. Using SmashHound is quick and simple. When you’re having a great experience at a local business, take a selfie! Tag your post and confirm your location! That’s it! No need to sign up for an account. No need to decide whether the place deserves 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars. No need to write a lengthy review…that no one wants to read anyway. SmashHound is dead simple…IF YOU LOVE IT, SMASH IT!

Competitors include Yelp!, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, and a number of other lesser known apps.  We’re different because we boil reviews down to their absolute essence…the product being reviewed and the way it makes you feel.  Both of those concepts can be captured with a selfie.  We give young people a fun way to share their opinion with their peers.




SmashHound users and the businesses they patronize.  Users gain access to endless recommendations via a quick and simple user interface.  Users can save places to try and also hail an Uber right from the app. Business owners will see an influx of positive reviews. Since we tend to share pictures of the things we love, the majority of reviews on SmashHound end up being positive. We’ll also develop tools that help businesses manage their brand.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We want every college student across the country to use SmashHound, so We’ll use the 5k to test our Campus Traction Initiative at MSU.  We’ll do in-store promotions with restaurants to stimulate app usage.  We’ll hire campus ambassadors to promote awareness and use.  We’ll film a vlog to highlight the campus’ best restaurant options.  We’ll partner with key sorority influencers to promote the app.  We’ll engage in an instagram/facebook ad program to create awareness on campus.

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About Brian McCarthy

I'm the son of a retired Air Force officer, so I've lived all over the U.S. Went to school out west at Colorado State University and studied business with a marketing concentration. Cut my teeth doing ad sales in Chicago. Now, I live in Norton Shores and run a successful real estate investment LLC. I hold residential rental properties in IL and MI. I built that company from the ground up following the real estate market crash. I look for market opportunities that can be won.

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