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Soap Bar

Soap Bar

Maggie McGuinness 538 Views

Maggie Ann Soap Co will offer all-natural soaps, lotions, candles, and bath products in an upbeat interactive environment. Customers will consult with a “barista” to craft unique, personalized soap and apothecary products from a variety of environmentally responsible ingredients.
My initial idea was to have a barista make up the products but I think people want a more hands-on approach. I am brainstorming ways that the consumer can possibly be more involved then just picking out scent, color, and additive.
My idea is similar to Wax Poetic but more soap focused. There is not much competition out there in Grand Rapids for this concept.
My first focus now needs to be on attaining wholesale orders to help bring in a more constant revenue stream. This will ensure I am not at the mercy of just selling my product to walk-in customers.
Here is a brief 2 year plan:
1 Get more revenue to build a reserve
2 Build my brand
3 Build my online presence
3 Open a store


The community will benefit from my store and product. My products are all natural and biodegradable- better for the environment with fewer man made chemicals. Buying local helps the money stay in the community and I would hire staff to further help economic community growth.
The customer has the opportunity to have a more hands-on approach to making their own personalized apothecary products. Similar to the frozen yogurt places- patrons would get a product just as they want.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I need $5,000 to participate in America’s Mart vendor show in Atlanta in January. My goal will be to attain $50,000 in wholesale orders. I’ve never been to the show, so there will be a learning curve, but I feel I must put myself out there to try and gain more sales. The cost to attend the show is 4,000. I’d use the rest to cover a trailer, gas, and travel expenses for the trip.
I know it’s a huge show- my boss from Horrock’s goes every year to buy stuff for their gift department.

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About Maggie McGuinness

I am currently a stay-at-home mother of 3. I am an East Grand Rapids and Davenport University Alumni. I serve on the governing board, executive, and client services committee for Cherry Health. I am slowly building my brand with the hope of opening a store when my youngest is in school for a full day, 2 years from now. I love making soap and apothecary products. Other hobbies of mine include cooking, baking, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, taking my dog to the beach, and trying new food!

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