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Sole Clean

Sole Clean

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The most exciting aspect about this product is the need in public areas for the product. I have worked in several healthcare settings, and to clean my shoes I have to use Lysol wipes. This idea for my product is a simple step to clean and sanitize shoe bottoms. The spread of infection throughout public places could be lessened through Sole Clean designated areas. My idea is different from the products out there, because of the material and affordability. My product consists of thin plastic sheets that are peeled off after so many uses. The current products out there that sanitize shoe bottoms are a rubber/felt-like material. These are expensive in cost.


Heavy populated public areas will benefit from Sole Clean . Health settings, schools, malls, etc. I envision my product in bathrooms near the sinks. This will prevent spread of germs through a cleaner footprint, literally. This product could even be valued in residential homes. Currently, there are hand sanitize dispensaries in various public establishments. Sole Clean would benefit our communities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I need this $5,000 to get Sole Clean into fruition. I have a prototype and a drawing and a sample disinfectant solution for the plastic mat. The money will be used to obtain a patent for Sole Clean.

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About Amanda

I am a GVSU Occupational Therapy Student. I identified the need for Sole Clean and hit the ground running with it. I am excited to share my idea. I value holistic health and advocating for healthy communities.

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