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Solus Strider by Solus Innovations, LLC

Solus Strider by Solus Innovations, LLC

Becky Bennett 293 Views

The therapeutic concept of the Solus Strider, is designed to be self-propelled in order to create the health benefits necessary for a faster recovery and to regain freedom and independence. An oval no-weld aluminum frame supports the upholstered oval seat.  The unique feature of the Solus Strider is the seat. It has an offset pocket-hole that provides lateral leg support and is adjustable in height.  Beneath this pocket, is an adjustable weight bearing webbed sling basket to support the stub. A round bolster cushion fits within the pocket to create a level seat if needed.

I have been granted a US. patent and have 5 models for toddlers to adults.  Each adjusts to the amputees size, abilities and their activity level. Our Solus Crossover is primarily for the elderly and diabetics. The oval seat can be rotated 90 degrees and becomes a bench seat. Other mobility devices are available. Except for the amputees personal prosthetic, the Solus Strider is amputee specific for vertical mobility.


There are currently 2 million American amputees, with 185,000 new lower limb amputations each year, or 506 daily (ACA).  Add the number of diabetics and elderly that could also use the Solus Strider.  Solus Strider helps to increase cardiopulmonary function, restore muscle mass, build stamina to aid the healthy leg from atrophying, and assist in balance recovery to regain independence and maintain dignity.  Using the Solus may eliminate costly remodels of homes with narrow hallways and doors.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If I was awarded grant money I would update our website and facebook presence, develop a marketing plan, advertise in national amputee magazines and social media. I would also be able to have our frame parts locally anodized with colors, so clients could personalize their own Solus Strider.

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About Becky Bennett

I’m a wife, mom, grandma and an EMU graduate with a degree in fine arts and secondary art education. I am the owner of Bennett IMPS Cages and Flights, as well as Solus Innovations. I have my own manufacturing shop which has enabled me to make numerous prototypes and working models of the Solus. Hopefully, you will never need to use the Solus Strider, however you may know someone who does… Please share. Thank you.

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