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Solus Strider by Solus Innovations, LLC

Solus Strider by Solus Innovations, LLC

Becky Bennett 251 Views

The idea for the Solus Strider is to offer an amputee an alternative option of mobility once they remove their prosthesis. The Solus allows a person to stand and move about vertically, or to sit on the elevated seat, if one has a high thigh amputation. They do not need to rely on a wheelchair or walker. The Solus is designed to be self-propelled to promote therapeutic health benefits and to regain freedom and independence.  The Solus provides a safe, stable platform to aid in balance recovery, helps to reduce muscle atrophy thus increasing muscle strength, increases cardiopulmonary function, builds stamina and helps to maintain dignity.

The unique feature of the Solus Strider is the seat. It has an offset pocket that provides lateral leg support and is adjustable in height. Beneath the pocket, is an adjustable weight bearing sling basket to support the stub. I have a patent and 5 models from toddlers to adults. Our Solus Crossover is designed for the non-amputee elderly and diabetics


There are 2 million American amputees 185,000 lower limb amputations are added each year.  Many elderly and diabetics could use the Solus. I’ve been told, “that the Solus fills a niche market for the young older folks who aren’t ready for a wheelchair.” We work with a dozen companies in West Michigan and six are local. With their support and encouragement from others, it is our intent to return freedom, well-being and independence to those in need, through the use of the Solus Strider.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards an update of our website and facebook presence, as well as a hydraulic bender.

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About Becky Bennett

I’m a wife, mom, grandma and an EMU graduate with a degree in fine arts and secondary art education. I am the owner of Bennett IMPS Cages and Flights, as well as Solus Innovations. I have my own manufacturing shop which has enabled me to make numerous prototypes and working models of the Solus. Hopefully, you will never need to use the Solus Strider, however you may know someone who does… Please share. Thank you.

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