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Spanish Immersion Daycare

Spanish Immersion Daycare

Olivia Seaver 862 Views

For many children, daycare is already an inevitable part of life, and while there are daycare options that offer learning experiences on top of care, there aren’t any existing daycares in the area that can help your child show up to kindergarten speaking a second language. At 6-weeks-old to preschool age, children’s brains are wired to soak up language sounds like a sponge and piece together grammar rules. In terms of a daycare, immersion means that the caretakers will only be native and/or fluent Spanish speakers, and movies, music, and all other learning activities will be in Spanish. Children will be encouraged to speak in Spanish when possible with guidance and support. An obvious concern for parents would be that their child struggles in the immersive environment, but since I have firsthand experience learning both Spanish and Portuguese in an immersive setting, I can empathize with the children and offer solutions.


Those who will benefit most from my idea are the children who will become bilingual and therefore better global citizens. Additionally, its proven that being bilingual improves executive functions such as emotional control, flexible thinking and task prioritizing. Bilingualism can even defend against Alzheimer’s disease. Such language and learning skills will help children in the present as they grow and in the future as they enter a competitive the academic and job market.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000, I will register my business, apply for a child care center license, and buy a TV, DVD player, movies, books, bean bags, chairs and tables, refrigerator, eating utensils, cots, pillows and blankets, and a changing table.

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