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Squeeze Socks

Squeeze Socks

Austin Piwinski 182 Views

Squeeze Socks is an advanced compression sock company tailoring to the needs of diabetic patients everywhere. We give individuals the opportunity to wear the highest quality compression material without sacrificing style. Squeeze socks are making compression socks accessible to the entire diabetic community and developing new technology along the way. Our team is developing more advanced forms of graduated compression and the first-ever adjustable compression sock. Wigwam and Sigvaris are our competitors. These are outdated compression sock companies that overprice lackluster products that patients need to survive. These companies focus on serving high-risk diabetic patients as they are the most likely to have their purchases covered by insurance. Like all consumer health companies, Wigwam and Sigvaris costs are rising faster than inflation with no underlying rise in value, productivity, or consumer satisfaction and are ripe for disruption.


There are approximately 600M pre-diabetic patients around the world. Around ten percent of that pre-diabetic market suffers from symptoms that could be remedied through the use of compression socks putting our market size between 2 and 3 billion. These are the people in our market. Squeeze Socks is making compression socks accessible to the entire diabetic community and developing the first-ever adjustable compression sock along the way.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Investments will go towards finalized manufacturing and development of the first-ever adjustable compression sock.

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My brother and myself are a two-man team. I have a background in professional video production for brands like Redbull, Pari Robotics, Four Winns, and Mastercraft boats. I come from a natural science background from Michigan State. I manage all product concepts and design.My brother is a computer science student with experience in basic 3D design. He has focused on finalizing designs for 3D prints.

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