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Stat-Medicament-Disposal Bottle

Stat-Medicament-Disposal Bottle

Lawernce Kenemore Jr 268 Views

Pharmaceuticals once in your water cannot be removed and there is no regulation on them.  It is the ultimate children’s issue today.  Placing one of our bottles in your medicine cabinet keeps these items out of the water supply.  Holds 60 pills or liquids.  Safely destroys them right in the bottle.  Once the bottle is full return for burning to destroy and create electricity at the same time.  We can only prove the viability by contracting with a city at a time. Testing the water before we start, at 3 months 6 months and a year to show the decrease in their drinking water pollution.  No need to hold these items until there is a take back program somewhere.  Our program is considered and enhanced take back program.


Our children and grandchildren who are drinking this polluted water benefit from this program.  The real potential is to solve the ultimate children’s issue facing us today.  Since there is no known process to remove these items from the water then we need to stop it from entering the water supply.  It all starts in the home where people want convenience.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will purchase more equipment to expand our bottling operations.  The bottling is completed using special needs individuals that can produce 400+ bottles per hour using three (3) special needs individuals.  And we will be able to implement in numerous more cities than we are capable of now.

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Inventor of numerous Recycling Industry disrupting ideas. Winner of the 2017 SCORE/Sams Club Small Business Championship and 2017 Outstanding Green Business of the year award for Stat-Medicament-Disposal bottle.

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