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The quiz building website allows users to select between a “Study” mode where the user is only delivered the question and the correct answer and a “Quiz” mode were the user is sent the question a set of possible answers. In addition, the site will allow the user to set up a schedule for the sessions. This schedule allows the application to prompt the start of the study session. In addition, this site will use cellular modem technology to deliver the study sets via SMS messages or email. The unique combination of quiz building, an advanced scheduling engine and multiple endpoint receivers, e.g. cellphone (SMS), email, cellphone (data app.), etc. differentiates itself from any competitor.


This application would benefit all students as a tool to assist in studying for quizzes and exams. The ability for the application to initiate a study session independently eliminates procrastination while using repetition to increase the users ability to retain information. This is perfect for any students that have a busy life and want to incorporate studying into their day. Any student with ADDD or ADHD may benefit as this solution allows users to study as they move around (proven to help).

What I Will Do With $5,000

I already have a working application / solution. I will use the money for the following two items:\

1. Move my database / app to a cloud server. ($1500.00). This will provide industry standard backup’s and security.
2. Enhance the current application ($2500.00). This will allow some development of reporting and algorithms that can be used to tailor study formats to users.

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