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Styles by Myles

Styles by Myles

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As a kid growing up I have always realized that street wear was not always the route for me. I never had the freshest shoes or designer shoes that would have made me accepted by my peers. Instead I started to dress professionally to school and created my own image by doing this. I had a vision within my head of how I wanted to present myself, and it manifested into reality. This business is so important to me because I would like for all people to manifest their own image, like I did which helped me become confident. The key to success is confidence, and I would like for all of my customers to succeed. I have other competitors such as Men’s Wearhouse, Brooks Brothers, Burlington, etc, what makes me different are the inspirational messages stitched inside of the jackets. Furthermore 10% of all sales will go towards a scholarship for 2 young men to go out and buy professional clothes.


The potential here is to impact someone’s life with the confidence that they know who they are as a person. Young men benefit the most from my idea because they have an opportunity to purchase clothes, in which they probably do not have. The scholarship will be the difference in them deciding to go to an interview because they will then be equipped with the appropriate attire.

What I Will Do With $5,000


$2000- Will be used for suits and embroidery.
$200- will be dedicated to getting LLC, getting registered in the state of Michigan, and vendors license.
$1500- Will be used to purchase a car for transportation to aid in transporting my products to and from vendor events.
$400- Will be used for social media marketing, flyers, and business cards to promote the business.
$900- Will be used for photography and videography. Specifically to buy a company camera to process the pictures myself.

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About Myles Johnson

I live to empower and inspire others around me to achieve more than their own expectations. I am a man of my word and dignity, one that does not run at that sight of distress, and I will give nothing but my best. As I convey I will be heard, as I walk I will be graceful, and as I think I will be mindful. I represent my ancestors and future generations to come, so there is no option except for greatness. I lead by example with my chin up and chest out. Without a doubt, I am Myles Johnson.

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