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Supporting Act Counseling

Supporting Act Counseling

Paul Kiger 107 Views

As the demands of life, especially those of artists and creatives, can make it difficult to attend counseling in a physical space, I offer cyber sessions to ensure touring artists can build rapport and maintain continuity of care with one therapist who can address their unique needs.Having been a touring musician myself, I can relate to the stress, pressure, and anxiety that comes with being an artist.

Supporting Act is disrupting the market on traditional therapy as it offers counseling to artists, from someone who has been a touring artist them self, and includes cyber sessions for increased access to therapy and life coaching while on the road.

A current barrier is not being able to find me on search engines, which is why I would use part of the money for a SEO.This is especially important in mental health because it is less likely people are going to post or reach out about treatment because of the stigma. They are more likely to get connected to services through a Google search.


73% of musicians report stress, anxiety and/or depression. Because we live in a fast paced and digital world, creatives will benefit from having counseling with someone who understands them. This can also decrease the amount of community dollars spent on more emergency treatments as consistent counseling while touring helps decrease anxiety, depression, and substance use. I utilize video counseling, therefore money is not used on a space which allows Supporting Act to be more sustainable.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$2600 for updated technology to ensure high quality of cyber sessions.$1000 to have a search engine optimization done which will help clients find me on Google. $1400 will be used for a targeted advertisement campaign.

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About Paul Kiger

With over 10 years of experience working in the mental health and substance use field as a therapist, life coach, university professor, trainer, and mentor, my goal is to bring my knowledge and skills to my practice supporting artists as they navigate the complex issues that accompany touring and a lifestyle with such high demands. My hope is to bring a unique understanding of what it is like to be a touring musician in addition to providing quality and evidenced based counseling.

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