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Survivor’s Best Friend

Survivor’s Best Friend

Sophie Capshaw-Mack 830 Views

SBF covers all adoption-related fees and expenses for the dog or cat that the survivor chooses to adopt. SBF partners with animal shelters, rape crisis centers, and domestic violence centers to raise awareness of the services we provide. SBF aims to not only pay for the initial adoption expenses, but also to create a lasting support network amongst survivors and their animals through sharing stories and recovery efforts.

Presently, there are no existing organizations that connect survivors of rape and domestic violence with shelter animals. This means there is a significant need for SBF to fill. If survivors want to adopt an animal today, they are left to their own devices when they are already sapped for energy enough as it is. SBF acts as the impetus for survivors to get out of bed and make the first move toward adopting a dog or a cat. Pets play an integral role in the process of healing from trauma, and SBF recognizes this and aims to facilitate the pairing process.


SBF tackles three problems plaguing our society: homeless animals, rape, and domestic violence. First, we benefit shelter dogs and cats, of which there are 6.5 million across the US. Out of this, 1.5 million are euthanized, a number that SBF hopes to lower. Apart from animals, survivors of rape and domestic violence benefit from the services we provide. The shelter animals help survivors cope with PTSD and heal from their traumas through the unconditional love and support they grant.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The vast majority of the grant will go toward funding adoption costs for the shelter animals of a survivor’s choosing. Approximately 45-50 shelter dogs and cats will be rescued with this money. These 45-50 animals will find new homes with survivors. The rest of the funds will go toward creating and distributing pamphlets for domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, and animal shelters across the nation. The pamphlets will raise awareness of our services, so that we can enact more change.

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About Sophie Capshaw-Mack

My best friend is a 120-pound beast named Biscuit. I adopted him after I was raped in 2015, and he brought joy and slobber into my life. I'm studying international development at Columbia University. I'm passionate about women's rights and gender equality and hope to one day work at UN Women, so that I can advocate for girls and women on a global platform. I'm training for a marathon in October to raise awareness of SBF. I love running and taking Biscuit on long walks through the woods.

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