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Sustainability by Design: The Magic Skoolie

Sustainability by Design: The Magic Skoolie

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Through responsible design and building techniques, I’m reusing as much material as I can by locally sourcing what I need from my local ReUse Store, Habitat for Humanity, and craigslist postings. The Magic Skoolie will be an example of small, sustainable living, as well as an example of a fully-immersive creative living space. It will be full of artistic touches—from the paint job, to the vinyl on the windows, to the handmade furniture.

The most exciting part of the project for me right now is the idea of traveling around the United States in order to volunteer. It’s the ideas of the trips I’ll take that motivate me each day to get out in the below-freezing weather and work on the bus. Already, the transformation from sixty-five passenger big, yellow, school bus to my future temporary home astounds me.

What makes The Magic Skoolie different from others skoolies? My end goal of using it to volunteer and the fact that I’m a twenty one year old woman taking this on as my own project!


Who’ll benefit? The non-profit organizations and farms that The Magic Skoolie will enable me to volunteer with. For example, organizations like Leave No Trace or independent organic farms. They will benefit from the time and energy I spend with them. Also, the people who follow the project virtually, see The Magic Skoolie on the road, or hear about it from others. From Instagram, to the blog, to the articles that feature The Magic Skoolie—this project has already begun inspiring others.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, I could get a solar panel for energy generation while off grid, a solar heated water tank, and a composting toilet, as well as complete the exterior bus design. With the right equipment, The Magic Skoolie will be as sustainable as it could be. With a finished exterior, The Magic Skoolie will have it’s own identity and I’ll be ready for the road. The Magic Skoolie is well underway and can function without these components, but with $5,000, it could be pushed to it’s full potential.

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About Tori Essex

I'm a Michigan native, an artist, and I'm not afraid to take on and believe in huge projects. By huge, I mean school-bus-sized! I love taking road trips, working outside, and connecting with other creative, outdoorsy people. I'm interested in small, on-the-road living and want to use my interest in traveling to volunteer with non-profits and on farms around the United States. I've already learned so much from converting The Magic Skoolie, and I'm excited to continue to grow with it.

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