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Lexington Settles 226 Views

At some time or another, and for countless reasons, we all take a break from our respective social media platforms. The SUTSO App is a fun and unique experience for such situations.

The SUTSO App educates social media enthusiasts of the negative effects which can stem from excessive social media dependency. The SUTSO App provides literature that highlights the importance of self-reflection and intrapersonal intelligence. And lastly, the SUTSO App encourages users to participate in the SUTSO 21 Day Challenge, so that they can evaluate how dependent and/or influenced they are to social media.

The SUTSO 21 Day Challenge asks social media users to deactivate all social media platforms for 21 consecutive days and, alternatively, participate in one new/different activity per day, chosen from the provided list of 40+ activities available within the SUTSO App


Local businesses will benefit the most from the SUTSO App. Smaller businesses who cannot afford expensive billboard advertising, or television commercials, will have the opportunity to promote their business information within the SUTSO App at an affordable price, on a larger level, exclusively for a period of 30 days.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I recently directed, filmed, produced and uploaded a video to YouTube titled “SUTSO 21 Day Challenge.” This short-film follows a couple who has decided to partake in the SUTSO 21 Challenge. The music which is played throughout the short-film is owned by Universal Music Corporation and performed by Miguel. Universal Music Corporation and Miguel have both agreed to grant SUTSO the rights of the music for one year at a cost of $5,000; I would use the $5,000 from this competition to cover that cost.

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About Lexington Settles

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I came to Grand Rapids immediately after high school to attend and graduate from Grand Valley State University and I have lived here ever since. I created the SUTSO Brand in June of 2014 and have dedicated all of my focus, funds, and energy into making SUTSO successful. Every single day, I imagine a world where SUTSO is a recognized, respected, and appreciated platform which educates social media enthusiasts to "use social media responsibly!"

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