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I see this store being set up in many small towns around the state.  The small, quaint set up makes this store fun to visit and easy to shop.  With coffee being one of the most sought after consumable products today, there will always be a reason to stop in and see what’s new in the world of games, hosting home parties and of course coffee.

The most exciting part of this idea is that it is centered around bringing commerce back to an historic downtown and specifically calls on our human need for community and connection.  It is not another coffee shop, it is a starting point for sharing ideas, fostering local enterprise, and reviving game night. 

Furthermore, this store will occupy a recently rehabbed building utilizing only 400 square feet.  Similar to “pop-up shops” I will demonstrate that creating huge waves and following dreams is achievable at any scale.


The community of Wayland will find great benefit from this idea by creating another retail option for downtown visitors.  With a passion for play and connecting people in the real world, I believe game nights bring families together and entertaining with friends is just good for the soul.  This city is always looking for reasons to bring people downtown.  The benefit I receive, of course, is running a successful business knowing I have made a difference in a community that I care so much about.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Signage (Window lettering, Building sign, interior) - $2550 (est)
Equipment (Coffee/Espresso maker, etc.) - $350
Furniture (Stools, Counters, Displays, etc.) - $1138
Inventory ( Board games, logo’d merchandise, Coffee, Books, etc) - $980
Marketing (Social media, Website, Biz cards, etc.) - $245

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About Brian Sweebe

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have helped open and run several business for others, opened 2 businesses with business partners and constantly find myself looking for the next opportunity. I strive to give the best customer service and want to make sure everyone has the same great experience. I currently serve on the DDA (Downtown Develop Authority), Main St. Promotions Committee & Downtown ER (Economic Restructuring) Committee. I would like to see great things happen in this town.

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