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Our goal is to show our users the value of knowledge exchange. Unlike current LMS platforms, we focus on encouraging our student users to solve their common academic problems amongst their peers, this is also known as collaborative learning. Currently, if a student wants help with work while outside of the classroom their best bet is to email their professor and pray that they get a response in a timely manner.
Picture a platform that features a map of a college campus. On it are pins that represent a different study group that has been created by one of the user’s classmates. When the user clicks on a pin, they see the class the study group is for, who created the group, which classmates are attending the group, and the timeframe of the group. If everything checks out, the user can then request to join the group and if accepted, the location of the group is then revealed.


On average, 53% of students enrolled at a college are involved in extracurriculars. As a college student, it is often hard to figure out who your classmates are, especially in lecture halls with 100+ students in them. Having little time to build peer connections, students are limited in ways that they can get help with their school work. The Sympl. app serves as a way for students to tap into a new academic resource, their classmates, and also save time during their study process.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We plan on using the $5000 to focus efforts on capturing more professors. We will host an event specifically for faculty, in which they will be informed about the Sympl. app, and we will look to get syllabus and other class information from them. This gives us an opportunity to build relationships with professors, as they can play a very big role in the Sympl. adoption process. We plan on using the money to test this process at Michigan State University and Arizona State University.

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About Matthew Eleweke

I'm from Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from U of D Jesuit High School with honors in 2012. From there I went on to attend and play football at Michigan State University, where I majored in Advertising Management and graduated in May 2017. I started Sympl. in 2016, and in fall 2017 I joined the GSVLabs Pioneer Accelerator/Google Launchpad Program. Sympl. has allowed me to present at pitch competitions, as well as SXSW in Austin, TX, Collision Conference in New Orleans and the ASU GSV Summit.

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