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This idea was a winner! Matthew Eleweke was awarded $5,000 in February 2019

About Idea

Globally, we’re expecting to see a surge in the number of K-12 graduates and the world will need to an additional 1 million teachers hired every year for the next decade in order to keep the current student-teacher ratio. Instead of bearing down on faculty and administration, we’ve created a tool that allows students to use their peers as primary academic resources. Over here we’re working to shift put power back in the hands of the learners so that they can have more control over what, when and how they learn.

Sympl. provides students with on-demand access to pertinent academic information and resources like homework, exams and study groups for their specific classes. The platform also features a map of the user’s campus that outlines active study groups that have been created by the user’s classmates. This is the first layer of autonomy, allowing student’s to get work done on their own time, now with an additional resource in their classmates.


We have plans outlined for social learning communities that will combat the lack of resources that our education system is currently dealing with, and will still face with the coming increase in learners. We have the opportunity to make that happen on a global level. These social learning environments will lead to a collapse in tuition costs, an investment surge due to an improvement in skill and economic outcomes, and a dynamic power shift from the institution to the individual.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will go towards a case study, focused on the societal effects of social learning, that we are currently looking to expand on.

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About Matthew Eleweke

I'm from Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from U of D Jesuit High School with honors in 2012. From there I went on to attend and play football at Michigan State University, where I majored in Advertising Management and graduated in May 2017. I started Sympl. in 2016, and in fall 2017 I joined the GSVLabs Pioneer Accelerator/Google Launchpad Program. Sympl. has allowed me to present at pitch competitions, as well as SXSW in Austin, TX, Collision Conference in New Orleans and the ASU GSV Summit.

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