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Tackling Organic Chemistry

Tackling Organic Chemistry

Ryan Farrell 2141 Views

Over the last two years, I have developed a pedagogy for new-age organic chemistry education through my 2,500 plus hours of private instruction experience and thousands of hours of academic content creation. Personally seeing students struggle on a daily basis led me to create my own organic chemistry content.  All content is engineered by myself to showcase concepts in a manner that enables students to have exhaustive practice, with a focus on visual digestibility and memorability. I have taught myself how to format at a professional standard using ChemDraw software, Microsoft word, and Adobe programs to write and produce nuanced practice sets and conceptual reviews. To date, my content has helped hundreds of UNC-Chapel Hill students secure A’s in “Orgo.” Tackling Organic Chemistry will be a one-stop-shop with conceptual reviews, videos and exhaustive problem sets utilizable by students regardless of university affiliation. The platform is projected to release in the Fall of 2018.


More than half of all organic chemistry students fail and are derailed from pursuing their dream careers. The biggest issue with organic chemistry education is that students are lacking relevant, nuanced practice to prepare them for exams. This platform will empower students to take ownership of their grades and become empowered to overcome a notoriously challenging subject. Additionally, this platform will reduce costs for students by making null existing textbooks and supplementary resources.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The underlaying technology for the platform is operational. The next challenge we face is designing an intuitive, potentially interactive, user interface. Creating a specialized user interface requires a professional.  We have already contacted and interviewed potential candidates for this task.  These individuals will need compensation in the short-term while they clean up the platform to be presentable and attractive. The 5x5 Night Grant will go towards funding creation of the user interface.

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At the heart of my content creation is the desire to empower students who are attempting to overcome the hurdle -– organic chemistry –– to pursuing their dreams of a profession in science, medicine, or the health sciences. An aspiration of mine is to create a series of scholarship endowments to pay tribute to the full-ride scholarship I was blessed with so that I could attend UNC-Chapel Hill. When I'm not tutoring or being a wizard in ChemDraw, you can find me at a concert or a coffee shop!

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