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Tailored Tumblers

Tailored Tumblers

Enrique Hinojosa 96 Views

This idea is exciting to me because we have tested it in the market and got a lot of traction in the local area prior to moving to Michigan.  Other people sell customized tumblers locally and in the US in general, however they are limited by the process that they do, because they can only do single color designs or basic artwork, not to mention that it it takes them about 2-3 days to produce.  Our tailored tumblers are different, they are full color and there is virtually no limitations as to how you want to design since we print the full color HD graphic on the tumbler using high quality 3M wrap film and we have a unique streamlined process to design and to produce that cuts down the time needed produce them to under an hour if necessary or high quantities in just a few days.  So not only is our product better but it is faster and with better materials.  A roadblock that we face is advertising, we can create a great campaign we just need the funds to execute them.


Our idea will not only benefit us but the community as a whole as we plan to have Tailored Tumblers bring awareness, supporting and fundraising for local charities and foundations that may need help.  This idea will kick start our business here in Holland and we understand that in order to make real changes you have to have the financial power to do so, that is why not if this business succeeds but when it does we will make it grow exponentially and help the community that helped us get started.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We work in advertising and we know that it is the most important thing for any start up business and can make or break existing business alike.  With that in mind, we plan to make an advertising campaign that we will execute online on social media, youtube and search engines while creating a strong presence locally by advertising on digital billboards, local news paper, signage, being at local events selling and promoting our products with flyers, brochures and promotional items.

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About Enrique Hinojosa

I currently work at Gentex Corp. and I am getting my small business off the ground. We moved to Holland, Michigan in September of 2018 from Edinburg, Texas.

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