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Tastefull Vegan Frozen Desserts

Tastefull Vegan Frozen Desserts

Kalene McElveen 543 Views

About Idea

It’s truly a joy to be able to see the smile on peoples face when they bite into a Tastefull treat after not being able to enjoy desserts due to allergies or health concerns.  One of the challenges as a small local business is the competition of larger brands that sell non dairy frozen desserts and getting my brand out before people.  However, the community of West Michigan has given me opportunity to share my brand in local stores and in the Farmer’s market which helps more people to have access to and know about Tastefull Desserts.


Tastefull benefits those who have celiac disease as well as those who suffer from allergies from the top 8 allergens.  Since Tastefull uses natural sweeteners, our desserts also benefit those who suffer from diabetes and also those who enjoy a keto and paleo diet.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Tastefull has entered two retail stores and continued growth can be possible when these 5 areas are financially secured:

1.  Equipment & Packaging
-      $2,000 1.5 gallon commercial mixer
-      $3,000 Bulk Customized labels and packaging
-      $7,000 Piston Filling Machine Dispenser machine makes efficient use of time producing a greater volume of product

2.  Supplies
$2000 Ingredients to fulfill orders for stores and restaurants

3.  Staffing
  -$3,000 (Hiring seasonal employees budget of 1,000 per month)

4.  Transportation
-      $2000 Trailer & Hitch for transporting Ice Cream Cart

5.  Kitchen Usage & Storage
-      Rental and Storage of Incubator Kitchen $6,000

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About Kalene McElveen

I love to cook! In my spare time I'm often trying to recipes and to created vegan dishes that are modified to include favor without all the artificial ingredients. I grew up as a vegetarian that didn't eat eggs and learned from my mom how to modify meals to enjoy cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Growing up with this knowledge has given me an advantage that I believe that benefit others. I love seeing people enjoy healthy food, that makes them feel good from the inside out.