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Tattle’n Parental Monitor

Tattle’n Parental Monitor

Brent Saulic 104 Views

The App keeps parents informed via screenshots of their child’s cell phone activity, providing them with an easy-to-use array of useful touch algorithms and activation conditions, to automatically monitor their child’s behavior.  Cell phone screenshots (with small ads attached to bottom) are forwarded via email or text message to parents phone.

Many of the competition out there charges a monthly or yearly subscriptions in excess of $40-100 for a wide range of features that are sold as a package.

My idea is to flip the value proposition so parents can receive the cheapest to implement features for free, and only pay for advanced features that make sense for their monitoring strategy.  Many features of the APP are free, which means, under a proper legal agreements, it can be used as an effective tool for supervising student culture at no cost.


The competition concentrates all its features and functions on a shared servers and charges an arm and a leg for it.  Not only does this leave sensitive information vulnerable to attack—it prices a lot of parents out of using monitoring apps.

This app could allow parents, teachers, and school administrators to work in concert and in real time, to combat online bullying by providing convenient filters and activation conditions, that will bring behavior issues to light.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The App is half completed at this point, the brunt of the funds will be used to develop more advanced features and controls that follow. The remainder will be utilized to experiment with marketing campaigns to connect with parents with teenage students, school administrators, and parole systems.

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I'm a product designer with 6 years experience. I am an integrative thinker who enjoys framing complex problems, developing creative strategies, uncovering market insights, and working collaboratively to solve challenging problems. I am seeking opportunities to contribute in meaningful product design and business development projects.

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