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Tattle’n Parental Monitor

Tattle’n Parental Monitor

Brent Saulic 116 Views

Unlike the competition this product is not subscription based, it only provides free features and in-app purchases of advanced features so parents may choose which advance features they want—instead of the standard “all or nothing” subscription approach of the industry. 

Most of the industry uses application servers to centralize data management.  There are serious liabilities to using a sever to hold other peoples data.  Server expenses and upkeep add overhead to business and cost of product.  Tattle’n features will only be run from your child phone, and the information will only be sent to the parents email or phone—there will be no online servers or extensive API integrations which store data. 

In the Industry, the more features the more COMPLEX and CONGESTED the INTERFACE becomes. The larger the number of features offered, the more difficult to learn and wade through interface.  I have figured out a design that seems to simplify the standard interface and controls.


Target Market: Parents of pre-teen and teenage school children of low or moderate income range, who are being priced out of the current market due to high subscription fees.

We provide substantive free features for child monitoring (with limited ads), because in this modern age of school shooters and social media bullying, we feel that all parents (regardless of income) need to be reviewing their children’s phone activity. 

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have a functional prototype developed based on the $1000 I received from Start Garden’s 100 ideas competition. However, before I launch the MVP I want to add a few more software features, fully integrate google Admob, debug some aspects, organize a small focus group to conduct user testing,  and a small scale advertising campaign for drawing more users around the product vision. 

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About Brent Saulic

I'm a product designer with 6 years experience. I am an integrative thinker who enjoys framing complex problems, developing creative strategies, uncovering market insights, and working collaboratively to solve challenging problems. I am seeking opportunities to contribute in meaningful product design and business development projects.

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