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Temple Urban Farm

Temple Urban Farm

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What excites me the most about this is what the community and the local biome gain. Temple is more than an Urban Farm. It has so much to offer the community, but what really makes the produce grown here special is how the land helps regenerate the biome.
By following natural patterns we are able to work with nature, rather than against her. Conventional farming is often damaging to the soil in the long run. Starting with Regenerative Agriculture as a standard means the farm takes less time, energy, and space. It produces a tastier and more nutritious product because the soil it’s grown in is more sustainable.
My goal is to bring awareness and education of Regenerative Agriculture to everyone as a Regenerative Soil Initiative. From backyard gardens, to large commercial operations. The best part about Regenerative Agriculture is that it focuses on diversity and soil health, planting both annuals and perennials, maintained through a more holistic approach to crop care and crop health.


This idea benefits the neighborhood, local community, and environment!
If you go to the store to buy ingredients for a salad, their produce has, on average, traveled 1500 hundred miles and is already a week old. Now imagine going to the farmers market and buying the perfect ingredients that were picked the day before. You know where they came from, how they were grown, and the love that the entire community put into it.
That’s just a part of the benefits of a local farm inside the community!

What I Will Do With $5,000

My farm is already happening this year! We already have a great plot of land and produce growing. With this $5,000, I will be able to jump start progress and community outreach a full year ahead of schedule. I will purchase tools such as a seeder and a seedling transplanter, a drill powered greens harvester, and a Coolbot for additional storage. Each of these are extra expenses that are not critical to my farm, but will help me work smarter instead of harder!

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About Jason Alberts

I graduated from college with a degree in business. After college, I began working for our city’s urban farm; I found my passion in growing and selling food. After several years of gleaning knowledge through hands on applications, I am now able to put my passion for learning about and working nature into production! With this grant, I will be better able to support myself and provide my contribution to our community!

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