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Tey’s Tutor Time

Tey’s Tutor Time

Teyondra Burch 133 Views

Tey’s Tutor Time is a program that was created for parents who want the best for their children in the area of education. We work with parents/children to help the students attain or maintain grade level in literacy (reading & writing). We have began working in a small space on math retention as well. Our program meets students where they are (mentally and physically) and build them up to their highest potential.  What makes us different is that we build based on realistic expectations and connections. Each child has a custom program created to fit their needs and the wants of their parents. We come with real time expectations and meet our goals 85% of the time. If parents do not have the time or cannot afford tutoring we also offer learning binders and materials for home use. The only roadblocks are students not being motivated or not having adequate employees or resources for each child. We work extremely hard to be the best resource for parents in an in person or online format.


The first people that will benefit from my idea are parents and students. The constraints due to COVID and the onset of online learning has caused many parents to reach out.  Obtaining a tutor helps the child, but also teaches the parent how to teach their child. Thus, this will make it easier to teach and be taught. If we’re able to reach more, then in turn we’ll be able to teach more. If students are able to know how they learn, then maybe they can advocate for changes that they need.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Since this is AllStar edition the 5,000 will be used to take Tey’s Tutor Time to the next level…
1. The monies will be used for a space to call our own.
2. We will use monies for marketing and marketing materials, so that we can learn the best ways to market.
3. Training/materials on the best/easiest way to perform virtual tutoring.
4. Hire 2 more employees
All of these things will help us grow in many ways and allow us to reach those whom we have not yet.

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About Teyondra Burch

Hi, I am Teyondra Burch. I am from Muskegon, MI and since a young age I've always loved reading.After going to CMU and getting my degree in Child Development and Sociology I was a literacy tutor for Americorps for 2 years. Then, I started working for an Early Childhood education high school program and then the idea of Tey's Tutor Time came. I used my skills I learned as a literacy tutor and added a personal touch, and now here we are. I love children and learning, so this fit for me.

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