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Tey’s tutor Time

Tey’s tutor Time

Teyondra Burch 270 Views

About Idea

Learning for most students is difficult, but learning at home has created a new barrier to the problem. There are many other tutoring services out there, but Tey’s Tutor Time meets students where they are, literally. Prior to the pandemic we would meet in spaces that were close to each student. The closure of things allowed us to be innovative with our techniques, so now we go to their home.  Home can sometimes be distracting, so now we hope to get a MOBILE tutoring service. We will do this by buying a bus or van and converting it to a classroom on wheels! How cool is that? Being able to pull up in a park, driveway, or even BEACH (since we’re on the lakeshore) and learn. The bus will also operate as a small library/bookstore for people in the community. Majority of the barriers to learning will be met by this bus. Our biggest obstacle would be finding a vehicle and this grant would allow me to obtain a well researched vehicle.


The children/families I serve would be the first to benefit from this service, but it would be a gem to the entire community. Many parents reach out for tutoring services, but do not have transportation. This would allow their children to receive services pretty much anywhere. To have a service that puts education on the forefront and meet you where you are allows parents a piece of mind. This mobile service reaches parts of the community that are most times considered unreachable

What I Will Do With $5,000

The funds will be used to
1.Obtain a bus/van
2.Renovate the vehicle
3. Get the vehicle wrapped/painted
4.Appropriate Licensing with the state
5. Maintenance for safety
6. Books for the Library/Bookstore

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About Teyondra Burch

Hi, I am Teyondra. As an educator by trade I enjoy learning. I started my career as a tutor for AmeriCorps and after finishing that created Tey's Tutor Time. I hope by servicing my community that there is a positive climb of students gaining and maintaining knowledge. Outside of teaching and tutoring I enjoy crafting and traveling.

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