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The alpen Project

The alpen Project

Debbie Plonsky Hogsett 54 Views

This project is going to be a restaurant bar on one of the biggest skill hills in the area. I will be preparing homemade foods at a low price. This will be the place you can bring your kids out for dinner and get homemade foods without having to clean the kitchen.


The public will benefit by having the homemade foods, the township of Bessemer will benefit by the tax revenue that this restaurant will create. The county of Gogebic will benefit by the tax revenue this brings in as well. The employees that will be hired will benefit from having a job.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000.00 would go toward the permits that are needed to open a restaurant or for food stock or supply to open. This may also be used toward the down payment on buying the restaurant.

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