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The Blaquebox

The Blaquebox

Sonja Forte 358 Views

The Blaquebox was birthed out of a personal passion for supporting black owned businesses.  Also the fact that black owned businesses are scarce here in West Michigan.  I began to think “how can I bring black owned products directly to folks doors?”

We know of less than 10 boxes of this type out, the largest having 300 subscribers.  What makes us different, like most startups in the early phase is the owner….The owner (myself) heavily influences the products selected (I’m the curator).  So the packaging, products, the style and feel will be reflective of me and my personality (to an extent).  I think what really makes it “unique” are the back stories shared on how the products are discovered.  The short term goal is to develop and accompanying blog to go along with the box to serve as a guide and tool for folks seeking to buy black (even those that don’t subscribe).  The biggest roadblock is having enough capital to scale up, and educating folks on the importance of Buying Black.


Owners of Small Black Owned Businesses, would be of huge benefit from the box.

It’s a ripple effect, as I BUY products from them (wholesale) they get business….potential customers get to TRY their products and fall IN LOVE with them, and become repeat customers. 

It’s a cooperative/group economics model.

The potential is truly shifting the economic impact of the “black buying dollar”

What I Will Do With $5,000

This money would be used to get the Blaquebox (blog) website up (designed and hosted).  It would also allow for additional marketing and to have funds on hand to scale up….right now, I don’t have cash on hand to increase volume, so once the (growing) business hits a particular threshold, I wouldn’t have the capacity to take on new subscribers.

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