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The Clarifii Strap: First Camera Strap Designed for Shooting Video

The Clarifii Strap: First Camera Strap Designed for Shooting Video

Austin Piwinski 232 Views

Our product is the first camera stabilizing mechanism that you don’t need your hands to carry. It gives the user the ability to go out on an adventure and know that he or she doesn’t need to carry a heavy expensive stabilizer for smooth shots. Thousands of users are finding themselves trying to use standard camera straps to stabilize video, but the dual standard connection points located on the top of every camera don’t offer any stability benefits outside of single axis tension. Our competition is professional camera stabilizers. However, they run users hundreds of dollars and are impossible to transport. The future of camera stabilization will be portability, and that is where The Strap will reign supreme.


We will give beginning camera enthusiasts the opportunity to stabilize their video while they hike in Hawaii or walk through Disney land. It will offer users the ability to stabilize their cameras anywhere, not just the places that are easy enough to haul suitcases of gear too. With the extreme growth of users looking to get into travel videography, the market is asking for a more portable and inexpensive form of stabilization.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Move from our prototype stage to full production. We will design camera centered base plates that interact with the high strength leather at their fullest potential. The leather will be constructed to be strong near the camera connection points and soft as it wraps around the user’s neck. The design will have to be seamless with camera designs in order to maximize the stability efforts. All of these designs will be created from successful GoPro product designers.

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About Austin Piwinski

My brother and myself are a two-man team. I have a background in professional video production for brands like Redbull, Pari Robotics, Four Winns, and Mastercraft boats. I come from a natural science background from Michigan State. I manage all product concepts and design.My brother is a computer science student with experience in basic 3D design. He has focused on finalizing designs for 3D prints.

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