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The Colored Book

The Colored Book

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1. The most exciting part is that it allows someone to release in such a different way. It’s so much more than a coloring book. People will read what the artist was thinking when they created the art. They will get to color that art in their own way on a coloring page. The consumer will then be able to write in a journal entry about what they were feeling when they were coloring that day.

2. I haven’t seen anything similar. I’ve seen coloring books, but they are so basic. They aren’t usually of great quality. Additionally, coloring books usually bring awareness to the creator only; this will bring awareness to multiple artists.

3. Yes, securing the artist, getting the outlines of pictures and publishing.

4. Of course.


1. The artists who will be featured in the book. The book will align with a site that directs people directly to the featured artists’ pages and artwork. The readers/drawers will be able to release. I would love for this to be used in schools for children who are dealing with mental health issues.

2. Hopefully, they will get more money.

3. I think there is a real market for this. It can have so many different editions/themes. Eventually making it educational by having a history coloring book

What I Will Do With $5,000

This will be used to pay the artist and publish the book.

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