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The CommonUnity

The CommonUnity

Juliea Paige 1091 Views

The CommonUnity will help communities work together towards each other’s success. It is a space built to remove barriers to dreams and give people the tools - literally and figuratively - to succeed. The space is casual to professional, featuring a cafe, personal study and work spaces, commercial kitchen, art room, fitness center,  computer lab, and a garage. Providing access to tools/equipment otherwise difficult to obtain and featuring workshops which empower individuals with the knowledge they need. But, the BIG deal about this is - all of this is provided while also offering in house childcare.

The biggest barrier we have here is that clearly we need a large space and a lot of money, things, and people to make this happen. However, this barrier will be the very thing that IS The CommonUnity’s purpose. The people will come together to make this happen because most understand the need and how it would solve the issues at the core of our struggles. I believe that together we can.


After many years of working with families, specifically women and mothers, it has become obvious to me that we are experiencing a massive disconnect from community and tribe. This lack creates a giant hole that makes it really difficult to reach our goals, and this hole tends to swallow up parents and the underprivileged the most. By providing a space that is accessible and offering the tools needed, we can remove barriers and help people reach their goals. That benefits everyone.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If I were granted $5,000 I would spend it hiring help to build the proper business model and begin seeking funding for the project as well as create a website as a space to begin recruiting our tribe and building our audience. I have been working on building my connections for the past 10 years over this idea and already have a very impressive and supportive team on board. I have also opened two brick & mortar locations before, so, I know where to start.

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