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The Food Junkeee

The Food Junkeee

Daisha Jefferson 620 Views

Taking the Personal/Private Chef route in the hospitality industry, it allows me to be up close and more personal with clients & the dishes prepared. Being able to watch someone take their first bite of something delicious that I have created has always been the greatest reward. With that being said Id love for the opportunity to do it the most In many ways ass possible.

I want to create many culinary avenues for people in my community to be involved in. My idea is different from competitors because not only am I trying to broaden my brand but also bring the community with me plate at a time. For example: Host Culinary Workshops for kids and adults. Id like to Host ticketed formal dinners where I can collaborate with local Djs, Breweries, and artist to showcase their craft & pair with courses prepared by ‘The Food Junkeee” (Me) In one event.

Obviously, up front work shops & events on top of feeding into me being a personal chef comes with a price.


Many will benefit like The community, kids of all ages, upcoming artist, Dj’s, painters, local breweries, young entrepreneurs and even your tastebuds!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will go strictly into my brand/business"The Food Junkeee”. Being able to put a down-payment on a venue or event centers and cover the upfront cost. I will be able to buy supplies for people that attend my workshops and buy equipment that is needed for my clients now that I am a chef to hire.

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About Daisha Jefferson

I am an aspiring chef just in love with food, and I cant stress that enough. If it has something to do with food, I want IN! I want to be knows as a "Culinary Guru" using unique avenues to show the relation between food and other interest. Growing up in a family restaurant and around food 24/7 I couldn't fight it. I have worked in kitchens, fast food joints, and now I need to do this for myself & My community.

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