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The Harmonagon

The Harmonagon

Holly Huber 251 Views

The Harmonagon is primarily designed as a learning and practice tool for music students and musicians. But this free app can be used by anyone, including non-musicians, beginners, and those without an instrument.

The Harmonagon recognizes more than 2,500 chords and scales, and includes a program of videos and quizzes for self-paced learning. This app is not limited to any specific musical style or instrument.

The Harmonagon is a step toward the gamification of music education and the prototype is currently available for use at It’s free; no sign-up or download is required.

Other music apps and online learning programs follow archaic teaching methods and are most often style- and instrument-specific.

The Harmonagon is already an impressive app, but we need financial support to help reach music students across the nation and around the world.

Like any new product or concept, our greatest challenge is promotion.


The Harmonagon is designed to provide everyone, everywhere with access to free music education.

Almost everyone desires to understand music and play an instrument, but not everyone has access to affordable music teachers, schools, or conservatories.

It’s easy to picture a student living in a rural area or far-away country using the Harmonagon to learn music.

The Harmonagon has great potential and there are many features in development, including levels for preschool and elementary students.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our greatest challenge is promotion because it is a substantial out-of-pocket cost.

A $5,000 grant will help purchase advertising and sponsored posts on social media (such as Facebook and YouTube), as well as direct marketing to public schools, colleges, institutions of higher learning, and music professionals.

The Harmonagon is a fantastic product and has potential for use worldwide. With your help, the app will have a better chance of succeeding in the marketplace.

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About Holly Huber

Holly Huber is an inventor, entrepreneur, and programmer from Muskegon. After graduating summa cum laude from Albion College, Holly went to Boston where she started a small computer training business. Holly relocated to Hawaii, where she invented a system for producing DVDs for the Ironman Triathlon, and the Boston, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York City and other large marathons. Holly recently returned to West Michigan to start a new business, that includes developing the Harmonagon.

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