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The Healed Happy Whole Woman

The Healed Happy Whole Woman

Tishley Janeene 1127 Views

THHWW was founded in 2001 by Tishley Janeene (Williams) as a mentoring program for teen girls. In 2008, after successfully overcoming the devastation of divorce and depression she knew that it was necessary to empower other women to heal and be well.
In 2020, it has now developed into a multi-faceted operation that continues to expand and develop as it now reaches hundreds of women.
The Healed Happy Whole Woman sets the standard for pioneering a definitive space for girls and women who are recovering from the crippling effects of divorce, separation, failed relationships and other emotional trauma.

The Healed Happy Whole movement is a catalyst for courage, strength, healing, and recovery.


An online British report done in 2015 suggested that “after a break-up, women experienced more severe negative emotional problems such as anger, anxiety, and fear as well as physical conditions including eating problems, insomnia, weight gain or loss than men experienced.  Heartbreak is inevitable. Our objective is to reach this population of women and to inspire them by providing personalized, hands-on, physical and online training, events, support groups, and referral programs.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000 investment, I will secure a professional interactive website, purchase equipment (camera, lights, tripod, etc.,) for virtual seminars and training, finance marketing and advertising expenses, create and publish informative manuals and host an official launch event (location). I would also pay the monthly leasing fee for the facility that will be used to host our first year of monthly meetings.

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About Tishley Janeene

I was born and raised in Muskegon, MI and am still a local resident. I have spent more than half of my life mentoring, inspiring and motivating girls and women. After enduring a devasting loss and challenges in 2008, I successfully recovered myself and went on to live and enjoy and happy and productive life. It is now my purpose to use my experiences to help other women do the same. I believe that it is possible for every woman to be healed, happy and whole!

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