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The Hustle House

The Hustle House

Avery Andrews 2405 Views
This idea was a winner! Avery Andrews was awarded $5,000 in February 2018

About Idea

The most exciting thing is that i give the customer complete creative control over there fashion idea/design. We like to focus more on the complete outfit and not just one specific thing such as (hats with shirt, hoodies with sweatpants, and much more). Some of the difficulty that I’m having is the ability to increase production. Looking to investing into more equipment that will allow me to brake the barrier of limited production time and capacity.


The fashion inspired people are the people that really benefits from this company because it gives them a place to turn ideas into reality. Small Businesses also get a great benefit form my company by helping them with merchandise at a competitive price. Style is the first thing people see before you get a chance to speck. This allows the people to have their fashion speak for them.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the 5,000 i would invest in more equipment, inventory, and social media marketing.
2,500 for DTG printer (Direct to Garment printer) will increase production while decreasing production time and cost. 1500 on materials for printer and inventory. $1000 on social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google SEO, twitter, and linked in)

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