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The Integra CBD Online Store

The Integra CBD Online Store

Gregory Hatt 265 Views

The Integra CBD Online Store is a unique shopping experience for CBD users because I bring together an amazing assortment of unique and exotic healthcare & wellness products all in the same space. There is truly no other boutique, high-end, CBD store like ours out there in the marketplace. It is my goal to capture significant market share of the exploding CBD industry by operating in this niche.


CBD Is tremendously life-changing in some scenarios for those whom integrate it into daily life. Cannabidiol or CBD derived from hemp sources makes a significant impact on the brains CBD 1 receptor. This “Entourage Effect” that takes place when present with other natural compounds in the plant can effect everything from appetite, digestion, mood, pain perception and sleep. It isn’t a magical cure all but it is about as close as it comes.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will leverage this 5,000 dollars into much, much more by strongly investing in an advertising campaign with DOPE Magazine and purchasing more product to have on hand for demonstrations and wholesale accounts.

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About Gregory Hatt

Warmest Greetings, My name is Gregory Hatt, the visionary of Integra CBD. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in another 5x5 Night. In my previous attempts I failed to secure enough votes to pitch, but this time I have a different strategy. I am a twenty-nine year old father and entrepreneur living in Grand Rapids. I love life and being outdoors in fantastic natural areas. I grew up in Grand Haven and graduated from GVSU in Liberal Studies. Thanks for checking out Integra CBD!

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