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The Kayak Buddy

The Kayak Buddy

Rick Brown 2593 Views
This idea was a winner! Rick Brown was awarded $5,000 in January 2018

About Idea

The Kayak Buddy is unique for several reasons. It doesn’t take up dock space yet allows a kayaker to store their kayak conveniently. It easily drops a kayak into the water and provides a stable platform for the kayaker to enter the kayak. Then a small push allows the kayaker to float freely thanks to the flexible center in the platform. When finished the kayaker can paddle back onto the Kayak Buddy and easily exit the water back onto the dock.
It is adjustable for different dock heights and water levels.
Additionally, I have plans for a roof rack system to transport kayaks using the same Kayak Buddy rack and a boat clamp so you could attach The Kayak Buddy to the side of a boat.


This fairly simple invention could allow many people who might otherwise not start or give up kayaking to be able to enjoy the sport with out the loss of control and balance. One of the biggest factors holding people back from activities is he loss of control. The Kayak Buddy can provide a stable platform that allows kayakers to remain in control of their balance for a more enjoyable experience.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The funds will go to improve the prototype pictured and demonstrated in the video. The dock brackets and locking system need to be improved. I also need to develop the roof rack system and boat clamps to make the The Kayak Buddy more versatile.

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About Rick Brown

Hello, I am a veteran science teacher of 20 years and simply like problem solving and tinkering. I have used those skills to create several activities that allow my students to engage in engineering activities. I am now pursuing some of my other ideas and hope to bring them to the marketplace. I live on a lake, hence The Kayak Buddy. I also coach tennis and have an invention for that sport also. (My next venture!)

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