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The most exciting part about The KLYP is that there are no self-feeding attachments for automatic football passing machines currently in the market.

The KLYP has already attracted attention from Hope College football coach Peter Stuursma who has signed a letter of intent to purchase and The KLYP has also received a concept endorsement from current NFL Fullback Zach Line.

The only competitors for The KLYP are throwing a football with another person and an automatic football passing machine that requires another person to feed the football through.

The road blocks within this idea revolve around engineering and funds. These are two major road blocks that we can get around, as we are currently in talks with an engineering firm to design The KLYP.


There are more than 1 million high school football players in the United States to go along with countless amounts of college and youth football players that would benefit from this product. The KLYP will help transform football players everywhere from good players into great players taking them to the next level of competition. The potential is unlimited as football programs everywhere will benefit from this product.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 prize will allow The KLYP to further product development and purchase the resources necessary to advance it.

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About Jacob Kozlowski

I am a rising senior at Hope College, currently enrolled in an entrepreneurship class that taught me the basics of starting a business. The class sparked this idea and gave me the bearings necessary to start the process of The KLYP. I also play tight end on the football team at Hope where I originally encountered the problem of not always having someone to throw me a football, inspiring the idea for The KLYP.

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