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The Kyra Danaya Collection

The Kyra Danaya Collection

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TKDC is exciting because it caters to women ages 28-40 that are looking to elevate/maximize their wardrobes, and be able to transition their pieces from work to play. TKDC takes pride in providing items that are not trendy (in one season and out the next) and focuses more on items that are essential to your wardrobe and can be built upon. Current road blocks would consist of keeping the website updated with new inventory on a consistent basis due to high demand. I can get around this road block by having inventory at least a few weeks to a month ahead of time in order to remain consistent.


Working women ages 28-40 with a income of at least $50,000 benefit most from my idea. Their lives will changes not only because they will feel more confident (when you look good, you feel good) but also because they will be able to get more out of their wardrobe, they won’t feel that the need to shop every time they have to attend an event. The potential of the product is that women across the world will be able to have a more mature wardrobe (at a young age), be confident, and work harder.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000, I will use $3,000 to purchase inventory, $1,500 for marketing (ads on social media and working with influencers), and $500 towards working with a quality photographer so that I can batch (have multiple) upcoming photoshoots for my website.

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About Kyra Crandol

My name is Kyra Danaya Crandol, I'm 29 years old, and I love everything stylish. I started my business based off a personal need. I struggled finding quality pieces for my wardrobe that were not trendy, didn't look too old, and could be worn in work and play settings. As a working women and entrepreneur, I often have different meetings, networking events, and social gatherings that I need to attend. I always like to look my best when doing so because I am a reflection of my personal brand.

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