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The Kyra Danaya Collection

The Kyra Danaya Collection

Kyra Crandol 198 Views

What’s most exciting is that my customers always tell me how confident they feel when wearing the garments they purchase from me and how it’s a “different” feeling from their other garments. TKDC is different from other competitors because we don’t follow trends, the esthetic of the brand is based off class, maturity and functionality. Obvious road blocks would be reaching a larger online market which can be accomplished by investing in online advertisement.


My customer benefits most from my idea! The brands help change the lives of the woman that is struggling with her wardrobe, doesn’t have time to change between events and even the woman that could use a confidence boost. The real potential is to be able to reach as many women within my target market and be able to assist them becoming more confident, having wardrobes they love and dominating their fields like the true girl bosses they are!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have been looking into different online marketing agencies that I would like to work with to help bring more exposure to my brand. I would use the entire $5,000 towards online marketing over a 3 month period. The initial investment to work with the agency is $1,000 and I would have a $1,000 budget to go towards ad spend. The following two months, it will be a $500 fee to work with the agency and and I would continue to have an ad spend budget of $1,000 each month.

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About Kyra Crandol

My name is Kyra Crandol, I relocated to Grand Rapids six years ago from Detroit to work for the State of Michigan for Children's Protective Services. I attended Wayne State University, my undergrad is in Psychology and I have a MSW. I love all things fashion! Fashion has always been apart of my life but I never looked at it as an actual career, I always looked at it as "fun." I realized fashion could be my career after launching my business and having support from different organizations.

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