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The Lazy Vegan

The Lazy Vegan

Brittany Clark 189 Views

So many people have dietary restrictions, and a hectic schedule. I know personally having a dairy allergy, among other dietary restrictions, it can be difficult to find a decent meal on the go. I have not seen or heard of a vegan fast food restaurant as of yet, and believe it is what the people need! Possible road blocks could be finding reliable healthy sources for the kitchen, while keeping cost down. I know the vegan restaurants I have been to, have all been pretty pricey and sometimes don’t have a lot of options. I think with the right team of people The Lazy Vegan, could become a reality. The next big thing in the food and service industry!


People who would like a plant based diet. People with food allergies. I think this could be as huge as McDonalds, and change the world in a positive way.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I honestly am not sure where I would be able to get with $5000.00. I would imagine needing investors to get this idea to become a reality.

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About Brittany Clark

I have been working in the Accounting field for the past several years, at small to mid sized companies. My most recent experience has been with start up companies. I am 27, and have always dreamed of having my own business. It has evolved into the Lazy Vegan idea over the past year or so, but I have just not found the time to really put my all into seeing how to make it a reality.

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