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The Matriculadies

The Matriculadies

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The Matriculadies, LLC offers online college admissions essay consulting to individuals and groups around the globe. Unlike other educational consultants, we only do essay consulting - not test prep, school selection, financial aid, or travel and immigration management. Our specialty addresses a key pain point for students applying to US schools: Language. We also relieve a stressor on international educational consultants whose counselors may not have time to focus on essays, may not be good writers themselves, or may not even speak English. By allowing educational consultants to offer essay consulting as a premium service, we turn the least efficient, most high-touch, and time-consuming portion of the application into a revenue source.The main challenge is not converting the over 300,000 students who apply to US schools each year, it’s finding them. Developing a network of international agents will be critical to growing the business.


The Matriculadies’ workshops take stress off whole families by giving students welcomed and critical assistance when they need it most, and by taking the nagging and worry off of their parents’ plates. Our workshops also benefit educational consultants by turning the least efficient part of the application process into a revenue source, and making their counselors more efficient.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Finding and maintaining relationships with domestic and international college consultants is key to our sales strategy. The biggest North American conference of international educational consultants is in Miami in December, with over 405 agents from 322 agencies in 54 countries. The ICEF conference allows attendees to schedule 20 minute one on one meetings with agents from all over the globe. At ICEF, I would be able to demo the online workshop product and gain referrals from agents.

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A skilled writer and editor, Mrs. Stein has a professional background in teaching, management consulting, fundraising, and market research. As a volunteer, she serves on the Alumni Board at the University of Chicago and as an Alumni Interviewer for Harvard College, She has read, literally, thousands of college application essays and resumes in the last 25 years.

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