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The Meaningful Marriage

The Meaningful Marriage

Mark VanDellen 350 Views

50% of marriages end in divorce. This is not a new problem, but we have a NEW solution. 

Historically, couples have turned to therapy, church, or self-help options only AFTER difficulties arise. Then they continue to apply the techniques, tips, and tricks that only scratch the surface. The current “marriage help” market is full of books, conferences/retreats, or inconsistent approaches with antiquated ideas.

Our goal is to create a product that helps couples better prepare and invest BEFORE it’s too late by eliminating the biggest barriers to getting help: time and money. By providing a user-friendly online program, we offer both accessibility and affordability.  Videos will allow us to reduce the cost to couples by 75-80% and allow couples to access the program in their own home on their own time without needing an appointment.  An online model also allows couples to invest in their relationship when living long-distance, traveling, and eliminates the need for childcare.


There are 2.3 million new marriages in the US per year and the stats say that at least half of them will end in divorce. For most people, marriage is a huge part of life. Relational success is not only important for experiencing meaning and value, failure costs money and causes generational damage.

Our approach is built on 1. authenticity…my marriage was no different than any other struggling relationship, and 2. coaching…a proactive, action-oriented approach to marriage health.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have started the process of filming and editing the video courses quoted at $4600 + the day of costs of filming couples. Completing this project will allow us to significantly increase revenue so we can reinvest monies into building our learning management system (LMS) and social media marketing.

We are proud to note that our video team, LMS company, and social media marketing are local companies so the money will go right back into local entrepreneurial efforts.

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About Mark VanDellen

I am a leadership coach and consultant. Some of the time that means I work with organizations on things like communication, behavior styles, strategy, etc. Other times that means I work with couples helping them do much of the same. I believe I was put on earth to influence the lives of others by challenging the way we think and behave, encouraging others to seek understanding and adjust to enhance relationships, and helping others develop their leadership capacity at home and at work.

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