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The Oasis Aquaponic Food Production System

The Oasis Aquaponic Food Production System

Michelle Leach 208 Views

About Idea

Currently, commercially available aquaponics systems fall into two categories: the affordable yet small and the large yet prohibitively expensive. The Oasis is the first aquaponics system that is both low cost and large capacity. How do we achieve this? Traditional systems are stacked with the grow beds elevated above the fish tank, which requires the use of many expensive rigid materials to support the weight of the beds. By using an alternative pumping scheme, we are able to un-stack the system, which allows us to construct it from light, flexible, low-cost materials.


Developing world farmers subsist on diets based primarily on grain. This incomplete nutrition is especially troublesome to children and can result in wasting, stunting, and developmental delays which contribute to a lifetime achievement gap. The Oasis allows a family to supplement their diet with protein and micro-nutrient-rich fish and vegetables produced at a fraction of the cost and with significant water savings compared to traditional methods.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Manufacture prototypes for additional testing. At this point, while we are still working on refining the final technical details of the system, the focus of our next pilot is on developing sufficient training programs and support materials to ensure operator success.

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About Michelle Leach

Michelle earned a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from The University of Michigan in 2013.

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