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The Printmobile

The Printmobile

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About Idea

We’ve learned many ways The Printmobile doesn’t work. Initially, we were targeting retailers and found that they were too busy during the months they needed us most (peak season and low inventory). We also learned that driving across the state in The Printmobile wasn’t practical.

In the summer of 2019, we found our groove. We started partnering with people and organizations that wanted something unique for their guests/employees that would be a fun experience and give them something to remember the event.

We learned the value we provide is an experience, not just a box of shirts.
We learned that event planners loved the idea of not preordering and guessing at sizes.
We learned students loved seeing their design go from a screen to a shirt.

We’re a team of creative enablers that will also do things a little differently. The Printmobile allows us to share our craft with West Michigan.


We bring an experience to our customers and their attendees. We’ve shared the craft of screen printing with elementary through college students. We’ve printed for rallies, music festivals, community block parties, fundraisers, corporate picnics, 5Ks, and more. At each of these events, participants were invited to pick a shirt color, size, and choose a design to be printed. These quality shirts will be a reminder of that event for years to come (without a box of leftovers)!

What I Will Do With $5,000

We used the first 5K to buy the truck and the basic setup needed for on-site printing. It’s time to shift into the next gear. We will redesign the interior of the truck, integrating it into more of the printing experience. We have sketches of displays, racks, ramps, shelves, seats, and a checkout kiosk. To do this, we need to gut the truck and do a custom buildout. We’ll also be able to upgrade our printing equipment and generator to a quieter, less distracting machine.

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About Kylen Blom

I'm no stranger to the startup & entrepreneurship community. I've taught entrepreneurship at Hope College and put together a program at Herrick District Library for adults to explore technology and entrepreneurship. I started my own business (My Great Lake) in college, bought Michigan Awesome, sold those to existing partners. Then started an outdoor equipment rental company and began screen printing for businesses. I am now focused on my printshop, Silkscreen Marketing, and The Printmobile.

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