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The Revolving Gallery

The Revolving Gallery

Erick Picardo 557 Views

Grand Rapids celebrates art, but there is something missing when businesses host artwork to help artists get exposure: marketing for the business and an easy sale.

The Revolving Gallery aims to create a symbiotic marketing/sales relationship between businesses and artists.
Our goal is to:
1. Drive traffic to business “gallery” hosts
2.  increase the visibility and streamline the sale of artwork

The key to this effort will be a gallery curator, a curation inventory process & system, an online marketplace, and a strategic marketing plan.

As the curator I will prepare, place, and manage artwork curation at participating locations. Business patrons will be able to buy artwork off the wall through a paired website experience. Finally, the website and marketing will be handled by a virtual team.

We have a solid plan, tools, and support! This venture will be a win-win for businesses, artists, and patrons.


The Revolving Gallery will benefit everyone!

Grand Rapids will be a place where we don’t just celebrate artists, but we help them move artwork as well. Businesses will benefit from the strategic marketing plan we have devised to get new and returning customers through their doors. Artists will benefit from more long term exposure “in person” and online, as well as the ease of sale through the online marketplace.

Art is important to society, but it must be seen to have an impact.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$2000: Creation of branding, website, content, all digital tools and processes needed to support art sales (a 60%+ reduced price)
$2000: Establish a “headquarters” for The Revolving Gallery, where art will be collected, processed, prepared for rotation, and packaged for return or shipment
$500: Virtual assistance for digital marketing
$500: Initial printed marketing collateral to educate about what “TRG” does and how to purchase, as well as materials that will accompany work on the wall

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About Erick Picardo

I am an abstract artist based out of Grand Rapids, MI. I am known for hosting Picardo Art's "Pop Pet Portrait Painting Workshops" where I guide participants in learning how to paint their beloved pets. I am active in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan art and greater community. I have been curating galleries at local businesses for some time, though primarily of my own work. I hope to help more artists gain exposure and sales through The Revolving Gallery.

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