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The Ripped Canvas LLC

The Ripped Canvas LLC

Angelea Torralva 235 Views

About Idea

The most exciting thing about this class is the fact that people (21+) can openly consume marijuana in a social setting while getting their creative juices flowing. This class is different than any other competitor because people have the choice of starting on a blank canvas and painting some sort of landscape, or to send me a a specific picture they would like to paint for the class where I would draw it on each canvas, or paint one of my one of a kind designs that I draw on each canvas for them prior to the class. The use of cannabis is encouraged but absolutely not required! I also offer sober guided painting classes of all ages.


Anyone that would attend this class will richly benefit. Art is an amazing therapeutic tool for healing that I personally know and understand from my own experience. It is amazing to see people paint who have never painted before and see the joy and excitement from what they have created! Art is a wonderful way to bring people together, and intertwining the use of cannabis with art is that much more exciting! Cannabis is known to induce creative thinking.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If I win $5000 I would like to use this money to buy more supplies for my parties! I would purchase tables and chairs, paint, canvas, more easels, paint brushes and palette knives. I would also use the money to create a more professional website. My business is up and running but has just started October 1st of 2020. I would be incredibly grateful for more money to put into this business that is already starting to pick up!

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About Angelea Torralva

I am a self taught artist from Grand Rapids MI. I have been drawn to the arts since childhood. I did take a couple classes here and there at GRCC but never finished for a degree. I started painting live at different live music shows and events in Grand Rapids and Muskegon. I have collaborated with multiple different local artists here in Grand Rapids. I am a blessed mother of two children and strive to be finically stable doing what gives me purpose as well as being a stay at home mother.

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