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The SE Network

The SE Network

Brandon Bartlett 162 Views

We help you choose the best and most cost effective Super Wi-Fi for any and all purposes you can use this technology. We help you setup and deploy an Super Wi-Fi and Hard Line based network for your event. Temporary or permanent, any location you want, inside or outside, in the park or in the desert. You can either rent or buy our equipment. It’s up to you. We make the best recommendation based upon your needs and set it up for you at an expert level of your other vendors and to NOT be the “IT Guys” exception seen on many event sites. We are advised by industry experts, including directors, producers, riggers and stagehands upon how to best deploy our service. We help you come in on budget. We help you get repeat business. We help you make more revenue. We help you deliver a rich network and Internet experience to your crew, clients or crowd, enabling the success of your event. The best part of all, you do not use your mobile data to stream any content.


Once the ticket buyer enters this experience, they will need to fasten their seat belt, as pre-game, halftime and post-game shows will be presented to you. You will also have analysis, statistics, quarter by quarter breakdowns, and real time updates streamed to you. You can listen or watch the pre and post-game interviews and analysis. This information has been available, but never brought to you, in one place.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the potential $5,000 we may earn, we plan on using to purchase more equipment to put on more demos in larger stadiums, stores, etc. Also to pay for the marketing of this technology.

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About Brandon Bartlett

I am the leading engineer for this project and I look forward to pushing this technology to its fullest potential like never done before.

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